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Production capacity

Production capacity

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  • Company standardized production workshop in strict accordance with the requirements of the national GMP standard building, the existing plant construction area of 4,000 square meters, of which 100,000 clean production workshop clean 1000 square meters, 10,000 physical and microbiological laboratories 200 square meters to ensure that products strictly controlled Production environment production.

  • The company has world-class medical dressing, medical tape production line, with an annual output of various medical dressing up to 100 million sticks, 10 million square meters of medical tape to ensure product quality and stability, short lead times.

  • The company has 10,000 physics and microbiology laboratories 200 square meters, all kinds of advanced product testing equipment to ensure the accuracy of test results. At the same time the company also actively and SGS, Suzhou University, Zhejiang Medical Device Inspection Institute and other third-party testing agencies to ensure the stability of the product testing indicators and security.

  • The company has a sound production lines, from the original material processing, finished product processing, packaging and shipping are completed. Products in the industry in a leading position, with greater advantages.