The FIME Show is an exhibition dedicated to bringing together medical professionals and products each year. It consists of four main sectors that include: medical technology, medical products and suppliers, medical services and medical equipment. Held in Miami Beach, it has been named the #1 medical show in the United States--and has a wide range of talented participants.

Miami Fime Exhibition Booth

FIME is an annual event, dedicated to the purchase and development of technology and equipment. As FIME states, attendees visit to see and purchase products, but also to “learn from industry experts in the three day, seven track educational conference.” With an extensive exhibitor list filled with highly regarded companies, it is easy to see why this exhibition takes first place in its field.

FIME offers attendees access to anything ranging from surgical equipment to dental care products to pharmaceutical and dietary supplements. The wide variety of products draw professionals from all sectors of the medical industry, and provide opportunity for attendees to collaborate and learn.

The FIME Educational Conference is another opportunity for medical professionals to expand their knowledge. As the largest medical event held in the US, FIME is a chance for medical experts, professionals and entrepreneurs alike to grow and network. If you are interested in attending or participating in this popular event, nEventum is here to help. With a quick call or message, we are able to make your process easy and efficient. If the FIME Exhibition is a must-see for you, we are more than happy to help you get there.