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Meson Medical 2017 CMEF Show

Meson Medical 2017 CMEF Show

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Guided by Yunnan Provincial People's Government and Sinopharm Group, the 78th China International Medical Equipment (Autumn) Exposition (CMEF), hosted by Sinopharm Reward, the 25th China International Medical Device Design and Manufacturing Technology (Autumn) Exhibition ", from October 29, 2017 to November 1, held in Kunming Dianchi Lake International Convention and Exhibition Center. We, Jiaxing Meissen Company made full preparations for this exhibition.
After the sales team arrived in Kunming on the afternoon of October 28, they went to the Convention and Exhibition Center to set up their stalls and display them non-stop. The CMEF show, attracted many well-known domestic and foreign enterprises to participate. The main layout of the United States Mori Medical non-woven fabric patch, polyurethane type dressing, indwelling needle stick, functional dressings, medical short code tape, medical non-woven dressing rolls, plaster patch, medical raw materials tape eight categories, each big Class has a professional clerk responsible for reception.

During the four-day exhibition, our medical sales team welcomed the guests daily with full enthusiasm. The booth attracted many domestic and foreign customers to visit and inquire about them. Among them, medical functional dressing products as new products A large number of buyers of all ages. Exhibition received a total of more than 100 business cards, of which 60% for domestic customers, 40% for export customers. Since the show was held in Kunming, customers from Bangladesh, Myanmar, South Korea, Malaysia and other countries are mostly customers.

November 1, the official end of the show, in this prime-time Spring City, we harvest more than the customer, there is full of experience, then we will do a good job customer follow-up work, for more orders, and look forward to the coming year CMEF Show.

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