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Meson 2017 staff travel

Meson 2017 staff travel

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In order to increase the cohesion of employees, but also to make everyone relax. The company collectively went to Jinyun Dinghu Peak and Lishui Guyan Painting Township.There are documented records, Jin Yunxian was built in the Tang Dynasty Empress Wu Fengtian the first year of reign, with the ancient Jinyun Yunshan named. In addition, Jinyun or the first humanistic ancestor of the Yellow Emperor Xuanyuan font size. Huangdi was buried in Qiaoshan in Shaanxi Province. According to the Tang Records of Yuanhe County, it reads: "Jinyun Mountain, a celestial being, has a saying of Jinyun and Huangdi alchemy."
To the Dinghu Peak departure, walking in the jungle breathing fresh air, crystal clear water, a few small fish swimming slowly. Looked up, turned out a huge pillars, this is the famous Dinghu Peak. Legend, Dinghu Peak Xuanyuan Huangdi alchemy furnace, I do not know what year Dancheng away. Climb to the top, a kind of list of small hills.

End trip Dinghu Peak, followed by the nearby Furong Gorge. Myths and legends, impatient Portland and careless He Xiangu blue flower knocked over, Fleur scattered, water and into a mountain, it is called "Lotus Gorge." Hibiscus Gap gives the name of the feeling is so soft. And it is another name, Iron City, is also a kind of iron man. Think of it, this is a combination of femininity and masculinity.
Followed by Lishui ancient weir painting Xiang. Guyan painting Township is a famous Lishui tourist attractions, ancient weir painting Township, is divided into the ancient weir is the weir, as well as the painting township, we went to the ancient weir painting township is the first painting, there are all kinds of antique Houses, there are many, many different types, different styles of paintings on display inside, the ancient paintings of rural scenery, rich cultural atmosphere. In the painting village, we can go by weir by ship, weir head is an arch barrage, where the water is clear and cool, the old trees are lush and the air is fresh.
Lishui trip, so that everyone seems to be a paradise like to slow down in the city to enjoy life. It also increases the mutual understanding among colleagues in the company so that everyone will be more united and help each other.
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